Friday, April 3, 2009

Model Classification

Model can be classified into 3 descriptive types:

Iconic Model
  • Look alike object e.g. aeroplane
  • By subjecting this model to wind tunnel tests, performance of real aeroplane can be inferred
Analog Model
  • Attempts to represent physical relationships with numbers.
  • E.g. Slide Rule replaces quantities by distances proportionate to their logarithms
Symbolic Model
  • Attempts to represent real world properties with numbers, letters, or other symbols.
Symbolic model can be:
  • Descriptive Model: Uses words or diagrams to express the real world
  • Mathematical Model: Expresses realism with logic or qualitative relationships
Again, Mathematical Model can be:
  • Static or Dynamic Model
  • Analytical Model
  • Simulation Model
Both, Analytical and Simulation Models can be:
  • Deterministic Model: E.g. Lanchester equations
  • Stochastic Model: E.g. Combat Models - as war involves uncertainty and risks. Random number generators are used to determine the outcome.

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