Monday, April 13, 2009

A system and its Model

  • System - Collection of distinct objects which interact with each other. E.g. bomber and pursuer aircraft in pure pursuit problem
  • In any simulation experiment we have a system whose behavior we are studying
  • For studying a system, some relevant information (and not all the details ) is required about the system.
  • Model - Collection of pertinent information about a system is its model
  • The construction of an appropriate model of a system under study is a delicate and an all-important affair in simulation (as it is in analytical study).
  • Simulation is,thus, both an art and science.
  • We must know the 'law' that governs the system.
  • Since we don't require all information about the system and make certain assumptions as well about the system, we must take care that resulting model appropriately models the behavior of the system.
  • Same system may be described by different models.
  • Constructing appropriate mathematical models of complex, real-life systems is a vast and intricate subject, requiring knowledge of the system as well as of modeling techniques.
  • State of a System - Described by number of variables at any given time. e.g positions in pure pursuit

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