Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pitch RTI 1516 Programming Notes

High Level Architecture (HLA) is a standard for distributed simulations; proposed by US DoD (standard 1.3) and later standardized by IEEE as standard 1516. The main goal of HLA is reusability and interoperability of complex simulations. For data exchanges among distributed simulations, we need supporting software called Run-Time Infrastructure (RTI). RTI is an implementation of six groups of services (may not implement all services) as specified by the HLA framework.

In these notes, first the basic steps in federate (Refer Appendix A) implementation are given, followed by corresponding VC++ syntax for these steps. Sample program, starting the federation execution and general information on HLA is also provided. The federate implementation in VC++ extensively uses Standard Template Library (STL) functions. All the variables declarations are kept in Declarations section for easy reference.

Complete Pitch 1516 Programming Notes along with sample program is being uploaded at scribd and is available at:

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